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So, what IS it all about?

Diet is something we all have whether it’s a good diet or a bad diet we all have one, but to ‘go on a diet’ is something entirely different and in my opinion is where the problem lies.
I actually have a big problem with some very common phrases such as, ‘I need to go on a diet’ or ‘I’m starting my diet on Monday/after Christmas/In the New Year, blah blah blah’. Then there’s the Low Fat Diet, the Low Carb Diet, Soup Diet, Juice Diet etc. etc. and how many more can YOU think of?

The list is endless.

Diet’s DO NOT work…. well not in the long term anyway!


Because as soon as you mention the word ‘DIET’ your brain takes that as a message of ‘deprivation’. It has a start date and an ‘end date’. What happens when you have reached ‘your goal weight’ what happens when you have a craving and you cave in and eat something your brain perceives as ‘naughty’? You succumb to that ‘perceived weakness’ and not only do you eat a few squares of that chocolate bar, you eat the whole bloody lot! Or is it that packet of biscuits and, “I’ll just have a couple” and before you know it you have munched your way through the entire packet with that cuppa, without so much as a thought, because you did it probably whilst watching the TV, reading a book or engrossed in a conversation with someone.

You see it was a conscious decision in the beginning, but it was your unconscious driving it. It was probably an emotional feeling that was also the driver, were you sad, angry, bored, frustrated or dare I say it but, HAPPY!

As humans we have basic needs, (Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs).

Biological & Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep etc.

Safety needs – Protection from elements, security, order, law, stability etc.

So let’s just take the food element of our basic needs.

Yes, we need food to survive, but do we need a whole bar of chocolate washed down with a fizzy cola, or a whole packet of biscuits with a cuppa tea laden with sugar?

NO, we absolutely DON’T!

Firstly, most of us are overfed and under-nourished.

Secondly, we often ‘want what we don’t need’ and ‘need what we don’t want’ (Sounds like a line from Nanny McPhee!)

You see until you change your mindset regarding the word ‘diet’ nothing will change, Yes, everyone uses the word diet because whatever we eat, it is our diet, but to think of ourselves ON A DIET doesn’t work in the long term.

We have to change our thought process, change the way we look at food and our ‘diet’ in general. Look at it for what it is, which is fuel for our body.

Each time you go to eat, consider it an opportunity to put top quality, 5* fuel in the tank, not sub-standard crap that will eventually ruin and rot the engine).

With Hypnotherapy it’s a fantastic way to un-anchor/re-anchor those emotional feelings to food at an unconscious level. Hypnosis can re-train your brain to concentrate on your goal and the future you desire.

There is however, one huge factor that no matter how much hypnosis you have, it won’t work long-term if you don’t have a true desire for change.

So you have to ‘want’ this ‘life-style change’ more than you want that packet of biscuits, whole chocolate bar, fish & chips or Pie n Mash every day.

Now the way Hypnosis works is, that it will make you more aware of your choices, re-train and re-program your thought process where food is concerned. So I’m not saying those foods are banned, you can have those if that’s what you truly desire, but it will be more likely that you will choose to eat wisely and more consciously, you will eat less, you will feel fuller, quicker and start to form the habits of those ‘naturally slim people’.

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