Manic Menopause or Chilled out Change – The Choice is Yours

So the Menopause or The Change of Life, something Id never really given much thought about really. That was until I found out I was going through it at the tender age of 41!

I found out quite by accident. I was at the gym with all my friends, and a company had come in and were doing Bone Density scans for £15. So I thought, as my friends were all having it done I would too, but unlike my friends it came back with a shocking instant result, which was that I had bone thinning in my right arm. Initially taken back I asked what that meant, and they said it might just be localised in that arm, but to go the doctors and tell them that it needs to be investigated further. So that is exactly what I did. They were sympathetic and sent me for a full hip and spine scan and a blood test to see where I was in my CHANGE It didnt really register at that point what the consequences of The Change were but when the results came back which revealed I had Osteopenia and was in the full blown Change of Life it felt like I had been hit by a 10 ton truck! My first thought was I’m too young for this shit. My friend who was sat next to me in the back of a taxi when I found out responded with the words ooooh you can commit a murder now and get away with it then burst into hysterical laughter with the other 2 girls! I laughed along too, but I really was in a state of shock and found it very difficult to enjoy the rest of my day in London, having lunch at Harvey Nicks. I was there physically but mentally all I could think was WTF!!!

After I had let it settle in my mind I started to do a bit of research and realised that my Satanic moods swings, thinning hair and spotty face was all a part of it.

The doctor wanted to see me to discuss my options and all I could think of at the time was I want HRT I didnt care about anything else, I just wanted to be normal again. She explained the Pros and Cons and as I was still fairly young to be going through the Menopause we decided that HRT was the best option. If only I knew then what I know now, how different things would have been.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a far kinder way of dealing with this shit. So if you’re suffering the symptoms of the The Change of Life, because lets face it thats exactly what it is A CHANGE, then don’t… there truly is a way through it without having to resort to medication.

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