This course of 4 sessions is for the woman who is either Peri-Menopausal or in the full blown ‘Change of Life’

It’s called the CHANGE because that’s exactly what it is. It can hit you like a 10 tonne truck whereas other women seem to sail through it. They say most women start to see the effects of it anytime after the age of 50, but if you like me are one of the females on this planet that have started an early menopause or have had to have a surgical hysterectomy then you’ll know just how devastating it can be.

menopause fan photo

Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Weight Gain, Hair Thinning, Bone Thinning, Loss of Libido, Loss of Confidence, the list goes on and on...

It really can be life changing and sometimes this is so difficult to come to terms with and deal with. So, if you are one of the unfortunate women that is struggling with the symptoms of the Menopause then please, DO NOT suffer in silence. Pick up the phone and let’s chat about how hypnosis can help you, or maybe drop me an email and I’ll come right back to you.

Contact me now to arrange your <br>complimentary telephone consultation

Contact me now to arrange your
complimentary telephone consultation