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If you have any doubts about seeing Sue for girly and weight loss issues don't. Sue will help you put it all into perspective and set realistic life goals which are so achievable. She doesn't have a magic wand, it's down to you to put the effort in but Sue will give you the correct tools to enable that this can be done and gives great support even after the treatment has finished.

Sam Whitear

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I have suffered Panic Attacks and Anxiety all my life, I had tried all sorts of things including medication. I hated taking the meds and wanted something more natural I had been to see a Hypnotherapist for giving up Smoking years ago and that was a success, so I thought maybe it will work with my anxiety but never really pursued it. Then one day I found Sue on Facebook by accident really, and as she was local thought I would give it a go. When I met her she made me feel really comfortable and relaxed as she has such a lovely way about her. After just one session I came away feeling brilliant, as I enjoyed the session so much I booked a further 3 with her as she doesn’t just sit you down and put you into trance, she does Life Coaching and others things too and makes the session all about you. She doesn’t advise or tell you what to do, she has a fairly magical way of getting you to think about things in a different way.

Amber S

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I saw Sue about 8 times over a 1-year period to assist me with weight loss. I felt completely at ease with her from the first appointment. I saw measureable improvement, and the weight dropped off slowly and surely, without huge changes to my lifestyle, I was just eating less and often finishing a meal with food remaining on my plate! For the first time ever, I was really tasting my food, enjoying it and not overeating or comfort eating.

I have a healthier relationship with food now.

Sarah M

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Sue gave me the confidence to stand up for myself! Until I met Sue I didn’t think that anything I had to say was worth listening to. I have loved every minute of my sessions with her, she has such a relaxed way about her and I felt she knew where I was coming from.

TP Duggan

clare cole testimonial

Before coming to see Sue, I was becoming an anxious,over thinker who was dwelling on situations I had no control over - past and possibly present.

My mind had become a muddled mess and I didn't know where to start, let alone unravel my thoughts on a daily basis. Within seconds of our meeting I felt comfortable and chatted away (possibly too much!) with her.

Sues friendly, positive yet professional manner was the perfect combination. Although sceptical at first I might not be able to fall into any type of hypnotic trance - I did.

I always felt in control and able to respond. My sessions with sue have given me the confidence in myself and peace of mind to realise I can control my feeling and emotions, she taught me that they do not rule me.

Her techniques were simple yet powerfully effective when over coming the previous worries i was experiencing. I listened to her voice recording at night which reinforced what we had done together.

Sue has stayed in touch with me, checking to see how I am.

It's a wonderful feeling to know someone who has literally changed my life is on the end of the phone if I need her, always ready and willing to see me as soon as she can.

These sessions were therapy for me, talking, laughing, crying, being able to express my honest, most inner thoughts.

Sue walked me through this difficult time. I'll always use the techniques whenever I feel over whelmed - but I'm pleased to say that doesn't happen too often these days thanks to sue.

Clare Cole

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I’m 49 years old and started having driving lessons years ago but had to stop as children came along and I couldn't afford to keep up lessons. Driving is something I’ve always wanted to do and I wanted to pass my test before my 50th birthday. So I started my lessons again in 2014. I had my first test in December 2014 but failed. I was gutted, on day of my test my nerves let me down, it really knocked my confidence and I went on to fail another two tests, I was getting really upset when my daughter said about having hypnotherapy. She had heard about Sue so I decided to make a call. I made an appointment and was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but Sue put me at ease straight away. I had my first session and at the end I booked the following three sessions. I re-booked my test and was feeling really positive and confident. When it came to the day I must admit my nerves where gone and right up until near the end of my test I was doing so well but then I made a fairly crucial mistake and that caused me to fail. I contacted Sue again and asked if she could help with the ‘feelings of panic’ which she did. I had my 5th test last week and am really pleased to say I passed! This I feel is down to all the help I received from Sue and I still use the same tools she taught me if I get nervous or feel like I’m going to panic. I just wish I’d gone to Sue a lot sooner as I would have been driving a lot earlier. I highly recommend Sue it worked for me, it could work for you too.

Dawn G

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I met Sue through my extended family, and let me just say, it's the best thing that ever happened to me!

I have had a severe phobia of needles, for as long as I can remember. No one knows where it came from, but over the years, it has got progressively worse. I had seen Hypnotherapist in the past, and have paid good money to have them help me with my fear, but to no avail. So when Sue was recommended to me, for Hypnotherapy, I was sceptical, as it's never worked in the past, but I thought I'd try just one last time. Thank goodness I did!

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014, my phobia was heightened even further, due to my hormones, so much so that I used to have panic attacks, and would cry hysterically, and literally was scared to death of giving birth, all because I knew that I would have to have a grey cannula in my hand (it's now law, that every women in labour has to have one) and a needle that big, was a big NO NO for me! My midwife sent me to see a counsellor, as I needed someone to help calm me down apparently. The counsellor, who was supposed to help me with my fear of this grey cannula, actually said "your fear is due to your family life as a child"!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Now, I won't go into the ins and outs of what was said, but you give the counsellor a bit of info on your childhood etc.... And she was quick to put all blame on my parents! I left even more upset than before, as now she had opened up a can of worms! Things that I'd thought very little of, she made out to be terrible! I was all over the place, and was hysterical for days. My midwife, then referred me to a mental health doctor! I wasn't mad, I was scared! I really was at my lowest point. Then I met Sue and we had our first session. We talked about how I felt, what emotions I was feeling, and what I wanted to achieve from our Hypnotherapy sessions. I have to say, that first initial talk, (no Hypnotherapy) made me feel so calm and more in control of the upcoming birth. My first session went brilliantly, and afterwards I was talking to Sue about my dreaded blood test, that I had to have the next morning, and I realised I was touching the crease of my arm, (the opposite side to my elbow) I haven't touched that part of my arm in over 20years!!! I felt so happy that I cried with emotion! To be able to touch my arm like that was amazing. The blood test went well, and after an initial mini cry, I just remembered to breathe and do everything Sue told me, and as I was so calm, they got blood the first time! It usually takes up to 8 times! 2 hypnotherapy sessions later and I literally had no hang ups about blood tests and giving birth, my focus then went onto my upcoming new life as a mother. The birth was an emergency C section, under general anaesthetic, and although I was terrified, more about giving birth than the thought of a needle, I was calm enough for them to get a cannula in. I really don't know what would've happened had I not have had my Hypnotherapy Sessions with Sue. I believe her sessions really helped me stay calm that day. They had to get my baby out quickly as she stopped moving. If I was hysterical, like before my sessions with Sue, then they wouldn't have got a needle in me first time, and precious time would have been wasted trying to get another one in, then I dread to think what would've happened. I owe Sue so much, and am thankful to have met her. I will always keep in contact with Sue. She is truly amazing at what she does. I just wish I'd seen her years ago, then all the stress, hurt and tremendous anxiety and fear that I went through every time I've had to have some form of needle, would never have been there! I highly recommended her, she has been THE only person, who has ever been able to help me, and I thank her so much for literally changing my life. I don't have to be that woman that everyone stares at, and gets treated like a baby anymore, just because of my fear of needles. Due to Sue Lee Hypnotherapy I can now have a needle without having a meltdown.

Victoria B

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